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"Give her one."

"Gods be praised." ---Djinn, JQS2E3

In JourneyQuest

In JQS2, the Djinn, a clever purple man, serves the headmistress while she hoards her last wish. He gives very good advice but is being forced to stay against his will. The headmistress also uses the master-djinn power dynamic to coax him into a sexual relationship.

When the Sword of Fighting epic is reassigned to Silver Tom, the headmistress is convinced to transport Tom by using her last wish and effectively freeing the Djinn.

In The Gamers: Hands of Fate

The Djinn appears multiple times to Myriad Buxtehude and Tuatha Dundareel, though their timeline collapses after each encounter and they don't remember him — though the Djinn remembers them.[1]


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