Sword of Fighting

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"I am your EVERYWHERE."

The Sword of Fighting is a blade capable of severing the most powerful magic.

In the Third Age

Archadian wizards forged the Sword of Sundering to stop the living spell Oclysma. The wizards poured their life essences into the forging, and after their deaths, their apprentices delivered the sword to the elven hero Nostrum. Nostrum and the apprentices fought through the Army of the Dead to Sumbre in the Afterlands, where Nostrum cut through the Oclysma with the Sword of Sundering. With each stroke, the Sword of Sundering absorbs more of the Oclysma’s power and intelligence. With the final stroke, the Sword of Sundering itself awakened and the Oclysma exploded, killing Nostrum and leveling Sumbre. The ensuing magical backlash obliterated life for hundreds of miles in all direction and rendered the undead mindless, turning them into the shambling automatons seen in later ages.

The surviving apprentices found the Sword of Sundering in the mountains around Sumbre. Spitting threats and babbling obscenities, the Sword sang its own prophecy to the assembled apprentices: whoever shall free him from his prison will lead a revolution and kill the Wicked Kings. The apprentices were unable to destroy the mad sword, infused as it was with such powerful energies, so they instead built a trap-laden temple around it and imprisoned the belligerent blade—which they renamed the Sword of Fighting—inside.

In JourneyQuest

In the Fourth Age, the Sword of Fighting is a mythical sword that appears to be both sentient and homicidal. It can control the arm of its wielder, possibly even the entire body, and is able to make even Perf into an amazing fighter. Despite being intended to bring about a revolution and end the Wicked Kings, the Sword would rather kill things. The Sword is very derisive of Perf, and enjoys tormenting him with the fact that it will follow him everywhere.

Voiced by Jeremy Spray.