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Headmistress of the Bard College

The headmistress of the Bard College is mentioned in Season 1, but does not appear until Season 2. A year before the Sword of Fighting is drawn, the headmistress assigns Wren to follow the party in what she believes to be a false sword quest. Since there are a hundred sword quests per year, and most are not genuine, the headmistress believes that assigning this sword quest to Wren will be a good way to get rid of a troublesome student.

A year after assigning Wren's epic, the dream bells ring. The headmistress wakes next to the Djinn. After confirming the Wren's epic is the "most important epic in history," the headmistress summons Silver Tom. The is reassigned the epic, and the Headmistress uses her last Djinn wish to transport Silver Tom to the Afterlands.