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Depiction of [[Gamers:XXX | XXX]] in the [[Gamers:Romance of the Nine Empires: 15th Anniversary World Championship Edition | Romance of the Nine Empires: 15th Anniversary World Championship Edition]]

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Checklist for pages from the R9E wiki

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  • The Gamers (2002)
    • Producers
    • Cast
    • Gamer
  • House Rulez (2003)
    • Producers
  • Demon Hunters: Brotherhood Orientation Video (2007)
  • Dorkness Rising (2008)
    • Cast
    • Development Team
    • Eic Level Entertainment
    • Production Design & Make-Up
    • Gamer
  • JQ1 (2010)
    • Writer/Director
    • Cast I
    • Cast II
    • Crew
    • Production Design
    • Post-Production
    • Producers
  • JQ2 (2012)
    • Writer & Director
    • Cast I
    • Cast II
    • Post-Production
    • Bandersnatch Studio
    • Producers
  • Hands of Fate (2013)
    • Director
      • Festival
      • Extended
    • Cast
      • Festival
      • Extended
    • Dorkness Cast
      • Festival
      • Extended
    • Countermay
    • Post Production
      • Festival
      • Extended
  • Dark Dungeons (2014)
    • Cast
    • Writer & Director
    • Writer
    • Producers
    • Designers
  • H&H (2014)
    • Scott, Trin, Andy
  • N1 (2014)
    • Producer
    • Post Production
  • Attacking the Darkness (2015)
    • Doyle/Ode
    • Dobyns/Gonda/Coronado
    • Lewis/O'Neill/Postil
  • JQ3 (2016)
  • GTS (2018)

Notes for Fan Storytelling

Baron Munchhausen (Strowlers)

  • the man who would become Baron von Münchhausen was born under a different name into a family of strowlers who made their money by playing at market all over the region that would become Germany
    • let's call him Bernd for now
    • his conception should have some magical element (maybe he has fae blood)
  • one day they played in Munchausen and caught the eye of the then Baron of Munchhausen
    • he liked the performance Bernd was putting on so much that he made him his court jester
  • the baron was impotent (or maybe asexual) and hence didn't have any children
    • but he needed an heir if he didn't want the province to fall into the wrong hands
    • over the years he had developed a close relationship with his court jester
    • so the idea came to him to make the court jester his heir
      • needs some more developing as to how this could happen. seems unplausible that the jester disappeared and re-appeared as a lost son without anyone putting 2 and 2 together... IDEA: Bernd wasn't the court jester. Instead the baron had the idea to find someone to be his "lost son" and travelled the country to find someone who wasn't noble and a talented enough actor to play the part. reason: The baron couldn't stand the aristocracy and wanted to play the ultimate joke on them.
  • so Bernd became the new Baron
  • He only told close friends about his "magical background"
    • However, one day his right hand man told this story during a night drinking with friends
    • The Baron didn't want other people to find out about the magic in the world, so he began to tell tall tales in order to discredit the (true) account of his birth
    • The tales he came up with didn't contain any magical elements in order to prevent unnecessary attention for the magical folk
  • Future scholars noted that all of the Baron's tales took place in heightened versions of our reality - except for the story of his birth.
    • But the dominant theory for this is that the birth story was invented by someone other than the Baron who was lost to history.
    • Only very few (who are laughed at by the rest of the scientic community) believe that the birth story is the only true tale that the Baron ever told.

Problem: Magic is common place in the Strowlers universe. The above outline fits better into a Harry Potter (or Artemis Fowl) style world where magic is secret.


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