Elbeth the Weeping Duchess

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Elbeth the Weeping Duchess, born as Elbeth Deloth, was a duchess in the Kingdom of Holden.


Born common yet eventually married to the modest but wealthy Duke Ricarl Deloth of the Kingdom of Holden, Elbeth Deloth became known for her keen mind, sharp tongue, and stunning beauty. When mercenaries paid by the Merchants of Esh murdered her husband, Duchess Elbeth went into a mourning period of two years in which time the people came to call her the Weeping Duchess, a name which even spread to the courts of the Nine Empires.

Elbeth returned to the public view, her face permanently marked with crystal tears that seem fixed upon her face. The Weeping Duchess has sworn revenge upon all of Esh for the murder of her husband and through the use of her beauty and her wealth she has trained among the greatest spies throughout the Nine Empires. All the while keeping her former husbands estate thriving and it's people happy. Through her training and her natural gifts, Elbeth the Weeping Duchess has seduced, coerced, and destroyed numerous interests of the Merchants of Esh.

Many of Esh's elite are aware of the threat the Weeping Duchess poses; however, with each attempt to eliminate her it appears as if she only grows that much more dangerous.

"Oh darling, do you not know? The enemy which is truly defeated is the one who thanks you for destroying them."


"Of all the characters, it's Elbeth the Weeping Duchess that always made me smile, she was perhaps the scariest spy hero to play, the way she shut down renown and dealt death to lowly cohorts every turn. She was frightening, amazing. Love it." --Ajay Pollarine