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Logo of the Ord faction in the Romance of the Nine Empires card game

An Ord is a humanoid, sentient, blue-skinned animal. They are trans-dimensional travellers and have interacted with many different places across the Omniverse. In one of these places, Countermay, they are one of the big nine empires who are vying for control over said continent. During the national championship of the Romance of the Nine Empire card game, Sandy Moore was playing an Ord deck and a couple of actual Ord were looking for him for - so far - unknown reasons.



No people in Countermay are more alien than the Ord, not even the Tuatha, not even the Displaced. Blue-skinned and pale-haired, with tapered ears and gem-like eyes, they arrived through a rift in the sky on great airships. Their first act was to uproot an island and raise it into the clouds, where they settled. Why they came, no one knows, but it is clear that this is not the first world they’ve visited, and likely will not be the last. Their technology, powered by a strange combination of steam and crystal, is unlike anything seen in Arcanix or from Esh, a magic all their own. Extremely xenophobic and jealous of their technologies, the Ord keep to themselves. They generally avoid getting involved with the other empires, but are swift to attack when conflict is inevitable. Though it’s unknown why they first came to Countermay, it is generally agreed upon—by the empires below, at least—that they decided to stay once the God-King appeared to the Shad-Hujem. Why? Only the Ord know, and they’re not talking.