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Countermay is a land where several threads converge in the Tapestry of Worlds. A world of settlers, both by choice and accident; a world of conflict, between civilizations young and ancient, noble and cruel, living and... otherwise; a world unresolved, with many vying to shape its fate.

After a thousand years of conflict, nine empires have risen to prominence in this strange world. However, after 1000 years of war, Countermay is dying. Battles, salted earth, curses, plagues, rains of blood, extraterrestrial parasites, demonic influence, and other hazards beyond count have ruined much of the planet. The food is running out. The threat of starvation looms.

No one is willing to sacrifice their freedom or power to another, so the only way to save Countermay is to seize undisputed control, defeating the other empires. Once Countermay is united under one banner, then the hunger problems can be addressed. Until then, armies march across the planet, fed with the ever-dwindling food as they churn once-fertile farmland into mud with their boots.