Mortal Characters in JourneyQuest

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These characters appear or are mentioned in JourneyQuest. Pages are incomplete. Goals: photo-reference(s), link to actor pages, character description, discretized character arcs for S1, S2, S3 etc.

The following are alphabetized. For a visual reference of the characters, see Characters by Picture.

The Assassin (JQS1, JQS2, JQS3)

Carrow (JQS1, JQS2, JQS3)

Daggie (JQS3)

The Djinn (JQS2)

Glorion (JQS1, JQS2, JQS3)

Grellnock SkullSplitter (JQS1, JQS2, JQS3)

The Headmistress (JQS2)

Karn the Unpleasant (JQS2)

Miad (JQS3)

Nara (JQS1, JQS2, JQS3)

Naiad/The River (JQS1)

The Oracle (JQS3)

The Pale Lady (JQS2, JQS3)

Perf/Superfluous/Henley (JQS1, JQS2, JQS3)

Rilk (JQS1, JQS2, JQS3)

Roderick/Lying Gargoyle (JQS1, JQS2, JQS3)

The Seer (JQS2)

Shaman Kurn (JQS1)

Silver Tom (JQS2, JQS3)

Starling (JQS2)

Strong like Bull (JQS2)

The Sword of Fighting (JQS1, JQS2, JQS3)

Vessels of the Wicked Kings (JQS2, JQS3)


Vieris' Angel (JQS2)

The Wicked Kings/The Triumvirate (JQS2, JQS3)

Wren/WrenWren Birdsong/Miss Bard (JQS1, JQS2, JQS3)

Yart Flays-Children (JQS1, JQS2, JQS3)


The Watcher of the Temple (JQS1)

Orc Warparty (check name) (JQS1)

Toll Ogres (JQS3)

Mirabelle the Halfing Dancer (JQS3)

Chamberlain (JQS2)