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Non-Spoiler Theories

Orcs taste like vegetables!

Evidence: Undead-Carrow expresses distaste when attacking and eating an orc (JQS1E). Per the Orcish-English dictionary, and orc page on the wiki, the orcs were infused with chlorophyll to make them eat less. Ergo, they taste like veggies to the undead.

Karn is/was a Demi-God

Evidence: Karn is suspiciously angry at Vieris, and refers to the god as the one who "shackled" him. It's pretty out there.

Potential Spoilers/Predictions

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Dumbledore dies.

Wicked Princess

Starling, the daughter of the wicked kings has a bird's name, much like our favorite bard, Wren. (Don't @ me, Silver Tom fans.) Wren and Starling may be sisters, and daughters of the triumvirate.

Intertwined Destinies

The Sword of Fighting has been called a magnet for destinies (citation). When Perf and Nara find the sword, the sword flashes them to Rilk's warparty. Rilk holds the sword and ends up as one of the few survivors of the following skirmish.