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"We have much to Discuss."

Death is a goddess in Fartherall. She is the oldest of the second generation of deities and the greatest strategist among them. The event "death" that ends a mortal's life is named after her because, in the First Age, she became the first deity to die.

In the Second Age, the Elder Races (Olom, Ald, and Ord) attempted with an Apple of Life to bring Death back from the dead to aid them in their war against the Wymhorde. However, the apple they retrieved was rotten, and she arose as the first undead. Displeased with the lifeforms created by the third generation of deities, she turned the children of Olom against the Elder Races.

In the Third Age, Death appeared to Colaebrian, the Emperor of Archaiad, as the Pale Lady while he was in a coma and sang to him the text of a powerful spell that became the sentient Oclysma, whose movements brought the end of that age.

In JourneyQuest

"They live in irrational fear of us."

In the Fourth Age, Death appeared as the Pale Lady, a goddess who walks the earth. When Carrow becomes undead, she attempts to recruit him as her disciple but is constantly rebuffed.

In JQS2, she exposes Wren as alive to her hoard of undead, overriding Wren's Veil of Death Potion. She also waves at Silver Tom. Silver Tom is real weird about that.

In JQS3, she offers her icon to Carrow, and at the end of the season, tries to speak with Perf.