First Age

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The First Age: The Age of Dreams

The First Age lies beyond the ken of mortal experience, in the time before time. It is the era of deepest myth. The veracity of its events can only be guessed at.

Birth: The world is born out of the war between the first generation of gods and the Draagan, the eternal cosmic dragon. In the struggle, chunks of reality are torn free from the primordial chaos of the Omniverse. These pieces stabilize, and the gods hide them away and shape them into the world.

Chafing under their rule, the second generation of gods overthrows its parents and seals them away in the elemental chaos. The new generation takes control of the world, populates it with their own creations—plant and animal life—and has children of their own.

Death—the oldest of the second generation of gods—dies, the first deity to do so. The state of death takes its name from her, the goddess who perished.

The second and third generations of gods clash over whether or not to create intelligent mortal life. The third generation is united, but the second is not. The third generation rises to power. They exile those among their parents’ generation who fought with them, and force those who remained neutral to bend the knee.

The third generation of gods creates the Olom, the First Race, and makes them stewards of the world. The powerful Olom build a society and dwell in worshipful harmony upon Fartherall.

Death: Unbeknownst to the gods, the Draagan had laid its eggs upon the chunks of reality from which the gods created the world. From deep within the earth, these eggs hatch into the first Dragon Monarchs. They erupt to the surface to give birth to their broods and make war against the children of the gods.

History of Fartherall

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