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The Olom were the First Race, created by the third generation of the gods of Fartherall. They had a strong mesomorphic build and continued to grow throughout their lives. Their children became the giant, ogre, dwarf, human, and halfling races.


The First Age: The Age of Dreams

The third generation of gods creates the Olom and makes them stewards of the world. The powerful Olom build a society and dwell in worshipful harmony upon Fartherall.

The Second Age: The Age of Wonder

The Ord appear in their flying vessels, and the Ald emerge from the First Wood. These Elder Races of Fartherall build thriving civilizations and live in general peace with one another. The Elder Races grow complacent, and the Olom especially ignore their worship of the gods.

The Wyrmbroods attack the Olom. Outmatched, outnumbered, and unprepared for war, the Olom make a drastic decision. Trading their offspring’s mortality for focus, the Olom segment their children into five mortal echelons—rulers, warriors, builders, servants, and gardeners—and send them into war against the dragons. The three Elder Races unite against the Heirs of the Draagan. War blankets the world.

After the Elder Races fail to bring Death back to life, she whispers to the mortal children of the Olom and turns them against their parents. The alliance of the Elder Races shatters. The Wyrmbroods annihilate the Olom, driving them to extinction. With their progenitor race gone, the Children of the Olom settle into their roles and branch into the Olom legacy races: the giants, ogres, dwarves, humans, and halflings.