Strong Like Bull

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"I have a doctorate, you imbecile."

Strong Like Bull is an Westish-Speaking orc with a doctorate and a member of the Turtle River Sect of the Laughing Bear clan.


JourneyQuest Season 2

He is in Sumber studying Arcane Archeology and Deific Mortalism, and recognizes the Sword of Fighting after leading the Assassin, Perf, and Nara into an ambush with a corpse worm. Strong like Bull is the first to identify Perf's dyslexia and capabilities as a retromancer. After striking a quick friendship, Strong like Bull leads Perf and Nara out of the mausoleum and they are recaptured by the Assassin. Strong like Bull acknowledges Carrow as a death priest and encourages him to imbue an object with shadow to defeat the nimbus of Vieris' angel. Strong Like Bull leaves after the Assassin is defeated.