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He's smarter than the rest of them.

JQS1: Rilk is the Sergeant of an orcish warparty on the hunt for the Orcslayer (Glorion). He scouts Perf, Carrow, Nara, and Glorion near the riddle pillar and temple of select dooms. Rilk returns with bowmen shortly after and gives the order to shoot their healer, Carrow. When the Sword of Fighting suddenly appears in their camp, Rilk knows that Perf is bluffing. Perf surrenders, and Rilk examines the sword. Shaman Kurn tells Rilk to bag the sword for the chief.

After Shaman Kurn is killed in the wizard's duel, Rilk gives the order to attack and is knocked out by Nara's kick to the face. Along with Grellnock and Yart, the other survivors, Rilk tells Wren where her party (Perf, Nara, and Carrow) went.

"Money isn't imaginary!"

JQS2: Silver Tom appears next to Rilk, Grellnock, and Yart. Rilk takes a potion to speak Westish from Silver Tom and amuses Grellnock and Yart with funny phrases in human. He tells Silver Tom where Wren went, and misunderstands Silver Tom's intent toward Miss Bard (Wren). Thinking Wren is in mortal peril, Grellnock and Yart hold Rilk back from breaking bardic immunity.

The orcs track Silver Tom and Wren to the mausoleum, where Yart quickly tries to explain to Rilk how to talk to women. Rilk enters the mausoleum to rescue Wren, but she doesn't need rescuing, and after Silver Tom kisses Wren, Rilk steps back directly into the jaws of a corpse worm. Wren stabs the worm, and Rilk starts a battle with a war cry. The orcs defeat the worm, and Rilk finds Wren again to try to make amends. Despite Rilk offering her safe passage (in a language Wren can't understand), she essentially rebuffs him.


JQS3: Still on the hunt for the Orcslayer, Rilk and the others use human magic (concocted by Yart) to disguise themselves and enter a dwarven mining village. Rilk is practicing Westish from a book when he hears the beautiful singing of Miss Bard. Disguised, though not fooling Miad, he compliments Wren, but says he can't stay.

"You're a marvel, Miss Bard." --Sergeant Rilk

When Rilk meets back up with Grellnock and Yart, they tell him they've found Glorion, who follows shortly behind. The three hide in a closet, where they see Silver Tom and Wren. Rilk gives the command to search Silver Tom's things. After Grellnock and Yart activate the recall spell from the magic compass, Rilk is understandably upset. Wren [chloroforms???] Silver Tom, and Rilk and Wren sneak past Glorion while disguised as frilly human ladies. They argue in the woods in orcish, and travel together to the Oracle. When Wren returns from the Oracle, she gives Rilk a pineapple tart, kisses him, and he passes out.

Sweet dreams, Sergeant.

(So... I guess some kind of sleep potion is in a standard bard bag? Wren is savage.)