Protectorate of Malchior

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Logo of the Protectorate of Malchior faction in the Romance of the Nine Empires card game

The Protectorate of Malchior is one of the nine factions vying for the control over Countermay.


"Founded by settlers who cared neither for the interference of Arcanix nor the depravity of Esh, Malchior is a mountainous coastline nation of dour warriors and seafarers. It is a harsh and unforgiving land, and the Malchians are a harsh and unforgiving people. They originally chose the area because it was uninhabited—or at least had been for eons. The early Malchians discovered the remains of a long-dead dwarven empire in the mountains, ruins that allowed them to survive their first winter. Always a practical people, they took that as a sign and modeled their society off of what they found. The result was a rigidly structured militocracy and the most formidable army on the continent. Even so, Malchior is defined less by what they found in the mountains and more by what found them. The reason the dwarves abandoned their range is because it lay off of the coast where Old Ixhasa sank; Malchior to its horror watched a trickle of awakening undead grow into a tide… a tide they’ve so far been able to keep from drowning them. So far; it is not in the character of Malchior to rely on anyone but itself. And this fierce pride may lead it to its doom."[1]

In The Gamers: Hands of Fate

The co-winner of the story price in the national R9E championship 2012, Mark Meacham, was playing a Malchior deck.


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