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The Mancutters (Huamthrakkulz)

He probably sells those shrunken heads on Orcsty, if you're interested.

The Mancutters are the orcs [gadzork] parents warn their children about. They're also the orcs other orcs warn their children about.

The only non-mercenary clan that lives south of the Afterlands in human controlled regions, the purely nomadic Mancutters live by raiding and pillaging. The Mancutters rightly believe that their greatest ally against humans is fear, and so they use brutal and savage tactics to keep fear on their side. To aid in this, the Mancutters are sapiovoric (consuming sentient creatures) and they use leftover bits to adorn themselves.

Due to their effective scaretactics, Mancutters are hired by other hordes (e.g. Black Spears) when marching south.

In Year One Episode One, the party (Carrow, Glorion, Nara, and Perf) encounter a troupe of Mancutters pillaging a port town by catapulting zombies into it.

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