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But...Killing equals Honor.


Glorion Orcslayer believes killing equals honor, and he has spared no orc that has ever crossed his path. After his party finds the riddle pillar, he decides he must kill the river. He stabs the naiad guardian spirit, causing a temple door to appear. Inside, he defeats many rooms and meets Roderick, the Temple Wizard, and others.

At the end of the temple, Glorion finds the Sword of Fighting missing and discovers Perf has taken it.


Glorion gets some advice from some well-meaning simple villagers(Yart and Grellnock disguised as humans), and finds Perf, the sword-thief. Perf uses some magic and almost defeats Glorion, but Glorion is far too brave to be defeated.

Behind the Scenes

In an interview, Kevin Pitman states that Glorion is the most complex character in JourneyQuest, and that his actions stem from a need to forget a dark past.

Played by Kevin Pitman.