The Displaced

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Logo of the Displaced faction in the Romance of the Nine Empires card game

The Displaced are one of the nine empires vying for the control over Countermay.


July 16, 1945. Los Alamos, New Mexico. No one knew what would happen when the US Army tested with world’s first atomic bomb. Many feared the explosion would trigger a chain reaction and ignite the atmosphere… which is exactly what happened. Fire consumed the sky, and when it burned away, it was night and the stars were wrong. There was no communication from outside the base, no communication from Washington. Disoriented, the army sent out scouts to investigate, scouts who blundered into the advancing army of the Hujem, led by the God-King astride an ancient dragon. Panicking, the GIs fired upon this bizarre enemy, killing the dragon, decimating the Hujem, and unwittingly upsetting the balance of power in Countermay. They’ve inadvertently found themselves enmeshed in world affairs ever since. Possessed of the most advanced technology in the world, but unable to replace spent ordnance or fuel for their weapons and machine, these “displaced” Americans established relations with the other powers of this strange world while they searched for a way home. Today, some thirty years later, the Displaced have adapted, marrying local girls and dabbling in magic. The old guard is still searching for that way home. But their offspring, products of intermarriage with the locals (human and non-human), accept their fate as one of the Nine Empires of Countermay. They’ve known no other home.