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The Wallbreakers (Bawedkrandulz), c.b. Stephen Payne

Renowned siege masters obsessed with the Ord, the Wallbreakers and their war machines are feared throughout Fartherall.

The ancestors of these orcs came from the servicers of the Underkings' war machine and the descendants of the Ordic engineers untangling technomancy. During the Red Exodus, the Wallbreakers' ancestors collapsed Gate-Fortress at the Battle of the Entryway. This proto-clan then lay seige to Highseat, a naturally defensible city nestled in a bowl valley. The Wallbreakers still occupy this today.

The Wallbreakers, are strict, stern, and prone to cold revenge. They highly value education, and have one of the finest universities of orcdom. This university specializes in war and science and Ordic history. The engineering class rules, and is based on a strict meritocracy. There are many orok in the Wallvreaker ranks, since the ogre prides regularly hire Wallbreakers to assist in their wars against the wyrm.

Wallbreaker engineers have had some success reverse engineering Ordic memory crystals. Wallbreakers can be found in Black Spear armies, but they're hella arrogant.

Highseat is in the same mountain range as Pale Mountain.