The Iron Fae Realm

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The Wayfarer

A changling who acts as a guide to travel safely through the Bedlam. Sent by The Iron King to escort Gina to her wedding. Avatar of Rosie Harvin.


An apprentice of The Blacksmith, Jack has iron forged into his heart. He hates the fae and loves nothing more than destroying them. Avatar of Ronald Zenda.

Giuseppe Sacovetti

Owner of "Joey Socks", a ten acre junkyard that now serves as the entire city of Youngstown, OH. He has become the de facto mayor of Youngstown, focusing on raising his daughter Gina especially after the loss of his wife to the Bedlam. Avatar of Thomas.

Gina Sacovetti

Daughter of Giuseppe, a talented sculptor with a hidden magical talent for metal. She is to be betrothed to The Iron King, something that the dark fae cannot allow. Avatar of Aquamarine.

The Whisper

A member of the Summer Court, this Fae gave up her true name in exchange for great and terrible powers. She has her own mission to fulfill and she doesn't care who she has to harm to achieve it. Avatar of Jenika.