Speakers in Riddles

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The Speakers in Riddles (Bruskulz Orors), c.b. Hawke Robinson

How does that make you feel? Sleepy?

A clan of counselors spreading a philosophy of peace and self-reflection.

This clan split off from the Fogwatchers in order to have a more meaningful impact on orcdom. They spread a philosophy of peace and mindfulness, and though their message is often misunderstood by other clans, the Speakers are patient.

A small sect of this clan, created by converts, has developed their martial arts based on the messages of peace and self-reflection, but the clan at large is not martial. The Speakers have powerful shamans and sorcerers in their ranks, whose magic focuses on communication, calming emotion, and sleep.

Speaker Therapy is used to ease pain for those suffering from sleep madness.

A Speaker-led group in the Temple of All Dooms was recently slaughtered by a rampaging human warrior.

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