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Avatar of the pilot [[Thomas]]
Avatar of the pilot [[Thomas]]
[https://paxamo.wordpress.com/2017/11/25/homeward-bounding/ ''Homeward Bounding by Paxamo'']

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Sister Opal

A terrible secret from her younger days occurred after Sister Opal left her family and set out on adventures. Once she scratched that itch she returned to the order of the goddess Therin, where she remained for the next fifty years. Now 76 years old, Sister Opal has once again been called to adventure to the possible detriment of her party.

She also appears to have prior knowledge of Umbra, something that causes the wolf to obey her commands.

Avatar of the pilot Rosie

The B Word And Other Problems by Paxamo


A rogue who seems to also have the essence of a druid about them, Zelle is a woman who is destined for great things. If only she would stop being so evil...and trying to get rid of Umbra, her spirit guide.

Avatar of the pilot Nathan Hill


The spirit guide of Zelle, Umbra is a celestial wolf. He believes in The Chosen One and her destiny, in spite of Zelle's worst intentions.

Avatar of Jenika

Heads Or Tails by Paxamo

Harzoul The Incredibly Evil

A necromancer who is trying incredibly hard to be evil...and failing miserably. A huge fan of Alpine Rose and her talents, Harzoul is accompanied by the Dagger of Snide Comments.

Avatar of the pilot Crash

Moral Ambition by Paxamo

Alpine "Alice" Rose

A former polka star, Alpine Rose is tired of being known for just one thing. She is setting out to make a name for herself, in both adventuring and musical innovation.

Avatar of the pilot Aquamarine


A halfling sized anthropomorphic rabbit, Snowball is apparently the only one of his kind. This is probably for the best as he is prone to fly into a homicidal rage whenever someone says the word "bunny".

Avatar of the pilot Thomas

Homeward Bounding by Paxamo