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cute but sneaky

The Oracle lives in sacred ground. When Perf and Nara visit her, Perf immediately wastes two questions asking about questions. Nara uses the last question to ask about her destiny, but the Oracle can't answer.

When Wren comes to visit the Oracle, Wren wastes one question asking about what the Oracle put in the pineapple tarts, and another asking whether her first question counted. Regardless, the Oracle seems to be on Wren's side.

Perf and Nara's Questions

1. (Perf) Before we start, is it three questions per person, or in total?

Answer: "In total."

2. (Perf) Did that just count as a question?

Answer: "As did that, Chosen One."

3. (Nara) What is the destiny I was born to fulfill?

Answer: "I cannot say."

Uncounted/Unanswered questions:

2.1 (Nara) How can you suck at everything?

2.2 (Sword of Fighting) Hey Moonbeam-- Does this count as the last question?

2.3 (Perf) How can Carrow--

4. (Nara) What? What does that mean, you don't know or you can't say?

Wren's Questions

1. What did you put in this? (Answer: Honey for sweetener, & spiked with brownie dust)

2. Did that just count as a question? (Answer: Yes, indeedy!)

Wren takes a logical route to phrase her third question carefully.

3. What are the answers to all the questions on my list?

Answer: "Henley, the Wicked Kings, Yes, Rilk, fifteen, a page of the Oclysma, a rock--you want to write this down, honey, O-C-L-Y-S-M-A.--, being born on the night of two moons, the apple of life, a ninety-nine page spell that will unmake the world, yes, cinder, blue silk brocade in the spring and teal in the fall, the Blue Mountains past the Everwood, the Year of Folly, a corpse worm, cousins, the Wizardium, and Glorion will kill him. Orcslayer, dear. And finally, it's sleeping, no, yes, yes, maybe, the Dead Sun, you'll lose it again if you break anymore tenets, and you'd better hurry."

4. Where did you get fresh pineapple on the top of a mountain?