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Earth 06618/Sentinel City

A world not so different from our own except superheroes and super villains are real, but the age of superpowers seems to have passed. Luckily for those more gifted individuals who have the courage, skills, and charisma to compete, glory can be found on the reality television show The Next American Sentinel. The entirety of Sentinel City is licensed to serve as a set for this reality show, although the showrunners do have separate studio space set up, so that they can provide facilities like a private green room for contestants.

Denizens of Sentinel City sometimes speak of an event known as the Day of Reckoning, when an all-out war forever change the lives of the superpowered. The impetus of this war is not known, but hundreds of heroes and villains lost their lives in the struggle, and many more bear the physical an emotional scars of it.

Spoilers, Episode 23:

Upon deep investigation, it was discovered that Sentinel City exists as a giant containment facility for the superpowered, and that Dr. Migraine altered the memories of every super inside it to accept this imprisonment. What specifically drove this decision is unknown.

To date, no un-powered residents of Sentinel City have been found.

Spoilers, Episode 40:
The world of Sequelibrium is actually a diversion, a false world hiding the true reality of the destroyed wasteland outside of Sentinel City.

Spoilers, Episode 44:
The dome contains Sentinel City and is reset every few years by Dr. Migraine, whenever people get too close to the truth. Time continues to pass outside of the dome however. In fact it has been passing for four hundred years...

Ordinary Extraordinary by Paxamo

The Sound Of One Flea Hopping by Paxamo

Tears, Cherry Pie, And Why by Paxamo

Winning Hearts And Minds by Paxamo

Message Waiting by Paxamo

Growing Up by Paxamo

Broken Hearts by Paxamo

Be Happy by Paxamo

Avatars of Earth 00668, Sentinel City

The Kingdom of Yosemite

The American wild west with a few differences. The Civil War as we know it has never happened, inventors and scientists compete with homegrown militia, and the country is divided between the East Coast and the West Coast. Oh and there are zombies.

Republic de Tejas by Davlen'

Understood And Appreciated by Paxamo

Avatars of The Kingdom of Yosemite

Magical Space Princess Galaxy Force 5

This is a place of great magic and great technology. Military forces are no longer needed thanks to the existence of magical space princesses, specifically Magical Space Princess Galaxy Force 5. The women possess great and mystical powers, the men are fabulous cooks and conversationalists, and giant robot animals form even bigger giant robot animals.

A Sparkle Sister Fairy Tale by Paxamo

Legacy And Legend by Orcrist

Avatars of Magical Space Princess Galaxy Force 5

80s Invasion

A world much like our own, with some differences. For one there are giant ants in the subway system, fishermen speak in strange dialects, and aliens are attacking. There is also a distinctly 80s feel to things...

The Reality Of The Situation by Paxamo

For The Want Of A Tri-Denture by Paxamo

Avatars of 80s Invasion


It's Earth in the 1990s...and movies are taking over the town of Colbie, OH. This world is called "The Arena" by The Founders and seems to be the key to moving forward in The Metaverse. So far, no pilot has ever defeated the challenge set forth in this world. Will this be the time that changes everything?

Spoilers, Episode 40:
The world of Sequelibrium appears to have been a diversion, a fake world set out to disguise the real one...the apocalyptic wasteland outside of Sentinel City. The avatars are unstable and do not hold together when a new pilot enters the world. Specifically, there appear to be no more than four avatars created for it as Nathan was sent back to the cave with the ancient meta columns when Jenika was pushed through. Jenika found herself in the avatar of Helldealer but without any access to his abilities or personality. The avatar itself faded away quickly after her arrival, leaving her as herself within the metaverse.

Avatars of Sequelibrium

The Arena

What once looked like Colbie, OH was revealed instead to be an apocalyptic wasteland. Inhabited by mutants, strange creatures, and few humanoids, The Arena is a metaverse without avatars. In this world you are simply yourself, for better or worse. And far off in the distance is a large pink dome...

Back To Realities

After learning of the existence of Project: Metaverse and its members, the team begins traveling to different metaverse in an effort to track them down and right the wrongs they have committed. The start in a world of borks...

Avatars of Back To Realities

Galaxy Tails

A world of animation and anthropomorphic heroes, nothing is quite as it seems. For a start, there are commercials and a narrator...and talking animals.

Avatars of Galaxy Tails

The Iron Fae Realm

Only 183 people remain in Youngstown, OH. The year would be 2019 if anyone kept track any more. The world has been taken by the Bedlam, a fae curse brought on by an insult on the lawn of the White House one fateful day so many years ago in the year 2000. Now dark elves control much of the world and people are relegated to walled villages, forced to dance and serve in order to survive. Magic is real and the only thing that seems to threaten this reign of terror is The Iron King and the existence of cold forged iron.

Avatars of The Iron Fae Realm

The Metapocalypse

The pilots must travel to worlds old and new in order to save the Metaverse. The first world was a land of lost creatures, an island that was said to not exist in the first place. The second world was a dying solar system, infested with plague and super soldiers.

Avatars of The Metapocalypse


The prison at the end of the Metaverse. A prison for all manner of being who can travel throughout the Metaverse. Powers are suppressed and bonds are cut. And at the heart of the prison itself...Joe's Diner.

Avatars of Meta-End

Planet Metaverse: Invasion

When the Metaverse is under threat of invasion, you go where you must to save everyone. This includes a dinosaur steampunk cowboy world, a women warrior world, and a spy world.

Avatars of Planet Metaverse: Invasion

Dreams And Nightmares

The stories are ending and so is everything naturally you go to some not so great places. Like Metaverse 000761 aka the Suckverse.

Avatars of Dreams And Nightmares