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Elliana, Magical Space Princess Fabulon

The perkiest and girliest of the Magical Space Princesses, Elliana will still use the power of the Sun to burn the eyes out of her enemies. Her weapon of choice is the solar glaive and her spirit animal is the Phoenix. Sister to Zelenia.
Avatar of the pilot Jenika.

Sparkle Sisters Before Space Misters by Paxamo

Zelenia, Magical Space Princess Burgertown, Inc.

Some might call her negative, others might call her a goth, but regardless of her dour nature, Zelenia commands the power of the Moon. Her weapons of choice are the dual Crescent Blades and her spirit animal is the wolf. Sister to Elliana.
Avatar of the pilot Rosie.

A Chad By Any Other Name by Paxamo

Ricci, Magical Space Princess Dynamax

At times more interested in taking notes and asking questions, Ricci has the power of Time on her side. Her weapon of choice is the Chrono-lash and her spirit animal is the Tortoise Unicorn.
Avatar of the pilot Aquamarine.

Base Values by Paxamo

Vega, Magical Space Princess Blackstar

The very first Magical Space Princess to come out of the Blackstar region, Vega holds all the powers of Space. Her weapon of choice is the Void Razor and her spirit animal is the Dragon.
Avatar of the pilot Tessa

Secrets And Cherry Pie by Paxamo

Chadwick Junior, Magical Space Prince Esteban

To be honest, this has all been a misunderstanding. Thanks to some weird food poisoning and bad communication, Chad possesses the power of Friendship. His weapon of choice is the Chad-blaster aka Brad and his spirit animal is the Bear.

Sparkle Sisters Episode 2:
Chad is rumored to be a mercenary chef traveling on the Daedulus .

Avatar of the pilot Thomas.

Checking In by XO Girl Wonder

A Bridge Of Crystal Time by Orcrist

Theodora, Magical Space Princess Rushmore

Starting out as a large robot version of Mount Rushmore, Theodora was brought to life via forces beyond her control. Her weapon of choice is a Big Stick and her spirit animal is a white buffalo named Taft.