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Fiona (Fae) O'Connor

Niece to Mary, sister to Michael and Danny, Fiona is a lover of whiskey and not a great judge of character. But she's always got a positive attitude...though that might be the whiskey talking. Avatar of Aquamarine

Little Danny O'Connor

Fourteen years old and just killed his first man, Danny is not having the best day. He really just wants to go home, but that doesn't seem very likely. Avatar of Thomas

Mary O'Connor

The sainted aunt of the O'Connor clan. Barely alive at the ripe old age of forty-two, the whole heist was Mary's idea. It would be much better if they had gotten all the money she thought was there...and if she could remember where she parked. Avatar of Andi Jaymes.

Michael O'Connor

A survivor of trench warfare in WWI, Michael thought he had seen some incompetent leadership. And then Aunt Mary had a great idea... Avatar of Bruno Hamilton.

Carmen Simone

French resistance fighter and psychic in training, Carmen likes to read minds and kick butt. Usually in that order. Avatar of Aquamarine

Lady Evelyn

Half demon, half British, all awesome. A member of demonic royalty, Lady Evelyn is the best field agent the OSS has to offer. Avatar of Andi Jaymes.

Baxter Waczikowski

A warded man, Baxter has spent his life learning how to destroy all manner of dark magical being. With only a five year life expectancy, and him on year three, Baxter has little time to waste and nothing to lose. Avatar of Bruno Hamilton

Jacolynn London

A Texas werewolf with a penchant for scalps. She doesn't have a deep tactical mindset but she certainly gets the job done effectively. Avatar of Jenika

Max Yannik

An Austrian with training in blood magic, Max is able to slip unnoticed among the enemy ranks. Avatar of Thomas

Lothar Kaldegga

Notorious terrorist or freedom fighter, depending on who you ask, Lothar is a master of elemental eldritch magic. Lothar fights for the free and independent use of magic. Avatar of Bruno Hamilton.

Grace Lyonns

Captain Grace is a washout of the military academy and member of the United League. Now she's a minor civilian pilot who relies on luck at cards, odd jobs, and the occasional collected bounty in order to survive. Avatar of Andi Jaymes.


A slightly defective synthetic humanoid. Slightly more human than your typical android, Ace is sarcastic to the max and won't stop talking. Avatar of Jenika.


Grace's oldest and best friend, real name Hank Herbert. Skinny has no aptitude for magic and has undergone cybernetic modification and countless hours of training. An excellent shot and fantastic drone pilot, just ask Sweet Pea, Skinny is also a cheat and a card shark. Avatar of Thomas.


The death-seeker, an alien with a tail and four arms. She has lost everything, including her honor, so now she's working as a bodyguard for Grace. Avatar of Aquamarine.

Wally Shultz

Sgt Shultz is the "normie" Jewish guy in Furtown. Perpetual heartburn, a failed marriage, ungrateful kids and the captain is all over his ass. Avatar of Bruno Hamilton.

Ray Delamano

Ray only keeps his job by the grace of the Captain whom he served under in 'Nam. He's sleazeball Ferret undercover cop who is just a little dirty, not all the way dirty. He and Sweetums used to be partners, cracked a lot of cases, but something went sour and now they can't stand each other. Avatar of Ronald Zenda.

Madeline Pusspuss

Madeline is a real mynx, I mean Lynx; she isn't into this whole cop thing- she's gonna be a star. But for now, she plays the best streetwalker in Honolulu, busting Johns for Vice. Avatar of Aquamarine.

"Rex" Sweetums

By the book Detective Rex Sweetums; bloodhound. And no he doesn't own or wear a trench coat, but he does look damn good in one. Avatar of Thomas.

Brock Acedius

Second string quarter back, Brock is basically the king of high school. Good looking, not smart enough to worry about anything, Brock is actually the king of the gods...just ask him. Avatar of Crash

Gregory Aarons

Basically the nerd of the group, Gregory knows pretty much everything. Which is handy since he is actually the All god. Avatar of Wyatt Maxwell

Tricia Adisev

An outsider but brilliant, Tricia is always up to something. Luckily for her, she's actually the Trickster god. Avatar of Rosie Harvin

Hellenna Abbaddon

She is angry and dangerous, and she's only thirteen. Who better for a teen obsessed with death to be than the Morrigan? Avatar of Maddox McPhernon

Tragedy Lokisdottir

One of the chosen, half mortal and half immortal, Tragedy is one of the world's most notorious criminals. She's hoping to make a name for herself before Mom/Dad shows back up. Avatar of Andi Jaymes