JQ: Episode 03.01

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After losing a fight with the Assassin, Wren has a series of accidents in the forest. Meanwhile, Perf, Nara, and Carrow must face a pair of dimwitted ogres.


Perf continues a long tradition of throwing the Sword of Fighting into running water.

The original season one post-credits teaser finally pays off during Wren's hallucinations.

The discussion about "Vague" from Season 1 sets up Perf's use of the spell in this episode.

The messenger elf killed in season two returns for an unexpected cameo.


Perf - Christian Doyle

Nara - Alyssa Kay

Carrow - Brian Lewis

Glorion - Kevin Pitman

Roderick - Nathan Rice

Sword of Fighting - Jeremy Spray

Wren - Emilie Rommel Shimkus

Silver Tom - Fran Kranz

Rilk - Jesse Lee Keeter

Silver Tom- Fran Kranz

Death - Paige Barnett


The Wicked Kings were recorded in advance, then Danielle Barnum (Messenger Elf) once again learned their performances to mimic them with her undead head flops.

The ogres were shot with forced perspective, a new technique for many of the team. The challenges of shooting a fight scene using that technique eventually meant cutting the length and complexity of the fight to make finishing the day possible.