Iron Tide

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The Iron Tide (Edulhaozul)

He does not accept criticisms of his horse and NEITHER WILL I.

The largest clan in orcdom--whose motivations are unknown--is feard by orc and gadzork alike.

Members of the Iron Tide learn to ride horseback as soon as they can walk, and spend most of their lives there. They maintain massive herds of livestock, and yearly travel to a ceded portion of the Northeastern Afterlands to graze.

The current great khan is an orok (Half ogre, half ork), and smaller tribes of Iron Tide are also often ruled by warlord orok. Obedience is required; less is death.

The Iron Tide has a tense, unresolved relationship with the Black Spears. Iron Tide warriors have spoken of great wars to the east against wyrmbroods and rogue ogre bulls.

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