The "Dorkness Rising" Drinking Game

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The "Dorkness Rising" Drinking Game is a drinking game that is played while watching The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. It was played by the main actors of the film on a commentary track that has been included on The Gamers: Dorknes Rising - Special Edition and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising - The Definitive Edition.


In order to play you need some kind of hard liquor, and beer.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Anytime a player character dies, take a drink of beer.
  2. Anytime someone high fives, take a drink of beer.
  3. Anytime Cass / Brother Silence says "hoozah!", take a drink of beer.
  4. Anytime you swear, you have to take a drink of beer.
  5. During the “Everything is better with pirates.” line, take a drink of beer.
  6. Anytime someone on screen says "waffle", everyone has to yell "Waffles ho!" and down their beer. If someone doesn't yell "Waffles ho!", they also have to take a shot. Whoever finishes drinking last, has to take a shot.
  7. Anytime male Luster turns into female Luster, you have to yell "Beer goggles!" and down your beer. Whoever finishes drinking last, has to take a shot.
  8. Anytime a spell is cast (clerical spells and psionic spirit blade count, but not bardic ones), take a shot.
  9. Anytime Brother Silence gives a piece of wisdom, say “Ah, wisdom.” and take a shot.
  10. Anytime the bard gets laid, take a shot. If it’s a threesome, take two shots.

Additional rules when you are playing by college rules:

  1. Anytime Scott and Christian do something vaguely homoerotic to one another, take a drink of beer. (Alternative: Anytime something vaguely homoerotic happens on screen, take a drink of beer.)
  2. Anytime you see a plug for Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragons, take a shot.
  3. Anytime there is a high five left hanging, you have to take two shots of whiskey.