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Episode One Hundred And One: Blackout


The pilots uncover the infection on the Metaverse and it comes at a cost no one expected.


The pilots head out from the burning asylum. They can find no sign of any human or animal life until they get closer to Manhattan. It is here that they come across thousands of cattle, each with different brands, as well as a small camp of cowherds. Tessa tries to make conversation with the creepy cowboy but Crash is insistent that all of this is an elaborate trap to scare them and doesn't mean anything. As they approach the city, they note that all the flags are the Union Jack and references to England. Approaching an open square, they encounter dozens of people beating each other to death. Crash has had enough and collapses a building on a group of people as they try to attack them. Tessa and Crash take to the sky with John and Wyatt in tow, hoping for a better view. On the top of the building, they see a small boy running away from a mob of crazy people. Crash flies off and crashes through the roof of the building they saw the boy run into. He's relieved to find other people who are "like Mr. Winston". Mr. Winston was helping to save the orphans in the city when someone shot him. He's hurt and needs healing. Crash agrees to come and help. The boy's name is Billy and he directs them to the place where Mr. Winston has been hiding the orphans. As they take off...gargoyles attack. Since things in this world only seem to attack people who believe they are real, John Stone decides to sedate Billy...with an electric charge in an attempt to stop the gargoyles from feeding on his fear. Even with Billy unconscious, the gargoyles are still trying to take him. Crash forces all of them to stop and the gargoyles turn into piles of ground up rock. Reaching the orphanage, Crash senses several dozen children inside. Tessa makes an attempt to get them to open the door but it's not until Crash tells them that they have Billy and have come with a doctor that they agree to open the door. The children take the group to Mr. Winston. The man is suffering from a infected bullet wound. Crash channels Michael's past as a medic to start treating the wound. Tessa channels Sara and makes the needed supplies. Crash finishes his work and Winston wakes up. He appears to be a pilot and is surprised to see other "travelers" in his world. He says that in the last world he, and other pilot, visited they encountered a new being. Something like a pilot but not, something that had brought madness to a different world. It infected his partner and was released in this Metaverse. He tells them that the "traveling stone" is located in Times Tower, in the middle of the city. Before leaving, John Stone adjusts his internal frequencies in order to tune in to the local radio stations. They make their way into the hidden tunnels under the city in an attempt to get closer to the traveling stone. As they get within two blocks they notice two things. One, that the underground will be coming to an end soon and they will need to come out onto the surface too. Two, it's gone dead quiet. Coming up onto the street, the pilots see a line of people walking toward the building. Clearly the building is eating them. Because this world sucks. Tessa tries to get a better look and brings some gargoyles down on the group for her trouble. Crash disintegrates two while John throws a wagon at them. Tessa smashes the heads of a few gargoyles and then runs up a building and smash lands on the head of another. Wyatt goes for the epic throat punch. John Stone rips out a telephone poll and goes Casey At The Bat. With the gargoyles taken care of, the group moves into the building. Inside they see a line of people making their way up the stairs. Luckily they want the basement. They do notice a trail of black oil like material starting from the basement and going up the stairs. The pilots head to the basement in search of the traveling stone and find a natural stone cavern which contains a circular stone. On the stone itself is a dead body and on the opposite site of the stone is some more of that oily black liquid. The body is a man, one of the other pilots who was with Winston. Crash can tell that he died from shock after his avatar was killed. The black liquid splash is person sized and there is a set of foot prints at the bottom. It's pretty clear that whatever creature took over Diane in the other Metaverse is still in her and is upstairs. John Stone takes a moment to scan the journals of this world's pilots before everyone heads upstairs. The elevator dings and the doors slide open. The pilots climb onboard and after several minutes the doors open onto a seen of torture. At the center of it all is a terrible slender man who knows Crash' name and calls the rest of the pilots "Fodder". Crash refuses to comply and tells the creature that he will seal this world off entirely before he lets the creature get what he wants. John and Wyatt notice that most of what they are seeing is an illusion and the creatures they are talking to aren't even really here. John also notices that there is a weak life sign signal somewhere in the room. Tessa slips off to try and find them while Crash creates a distraction. The big bad again hints that Crash doesn't even know what he is and then attacks. Tessa follows some tendrils off into the back of the room and into an office. She finds the body of a woman, spilling tendrils from every part of her. The slender man attacks Crash, himself not his avatar, and the pain is felt within his soul. Wyatt channels Balthazar and invokes some fire magic and sets some creatures ablaze. John gets dragged to the floor but rids himself easily of them with a static charge and then launches himself at the main baddie. He misses and lands on the table instead. Crash uses his power from Zeus and teleports himself to the basement and the traveling stone. The tendril connecting to the creature is pulled taught and Crash slices through it. Upstairs, the woman wakes up and begins screaming. Crash then explodes the creature from the inside out. Tessa teleports the tendrils out of the woman's body and they evaporate into nothing. Regrouping up above, the pilots come to terms with this new threat. Crash declares that he will be staying, that Pierce needs to move his body to this world. He's concerned that he might be infected by the creature and doesn't want to risk infecting others.

GM Breakage count: 0
GM: James Durham Players: Shawn Franklin, Christian Doyle, Lisa Coronado, Luke Amundson First appearance of: