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Episode Seven: Aces And Eights


The pilots are reunited with Brony but TOM has a new connection. They travel to San Antonio to confront George Custer, play some poker, and maybe steal some treasure...


John Hardin wakes up, this time with Brony back inside his body. From the roof he hears the sounds of creaking and scratching. Waking the others, who are just as confused as he is about where he has been for the past four days, they find themselves confronting a creature that appears to be a werewolf of some sort. During this time, the team calls out for TOM only to have him not appear. This is because he is currently inside of Andi's body and can only be heard by her. With Andi translating, TOM informs Brony that he was gone for a few seconds in the real world when his pod went offline. However, in the metaverse several days of passed. The team confronts the werewolf and manages to take him down, in spite of Billi/Andi attempting to ride him. However, when Billi goes to skin the beast she finds the body of a man inside. Horrified, the team grapples with what this means about them and the creatures in this world. Finally, the decision is made to ride on to San Antonio to deliver the letter to George Custer. Along the way TOM is able to answer some questions for the pilots. When asked why he is currently inside of Andi, TOM states that it is likely the work of "them". "Them" being a part of the metaverse known as CHAT. The pilots are making "a lot of noise" as they travel through these worlds which the Metaverse doesn't always like. When that happens, CHAT tends to make strange things occur. Finally reaching San Antonio, the group does some scouting and learn several important pieces of information. First, there is a Wendy Gates in this world and she is the personal assistant of one, Samuel Clemmons. Second, there is a poker tournament being held by George Custer in a few days but it requires a $10,000 buy in. George Custer is also holding a party the next evening and will be in attendance himself. Finally, a man by the name of Robert Ford is present in town...the man that killed Jesse James' brother. TOM and Andi get drunk while the others make plans to go in search of ways to make money in order to enter the poker contest. Jesse takes Billi/TOM up to bed as Doc and John confront a group of men who were talking about a lost ship of treasure in the Medina Gorge. As the remaining three outlaws make plans, upstairs Billi/TOM are plotting a little bank heist of their own...

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Helen Roundhill First appearance of: