Wren's Song

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Wren sings this in Daggie's Tavern in JQS3E5.

When you're learning how to sing in the kitchen

Even though you're told it's not a Lady's Craft

Never waste your time with poetry and music

Never act without approval/ Never fraternize with staff

Never show your real motives/ Listen to the talking heads

Never reach for mommy's cheek before you go to bed

Never slum it for affection/ That's how peasants wind up dead

It starts in bright warm kitchen/ with light that's shifting gold

Warming fingers by the hearth in the kitchen

Doing just what you were always meant to do!

[When you] Sneak to midnight lessons in the Kitchen

When you skip another dinner full of bores

When you watch them pluck the lyre and the chickens

When you talk them into just one ballad more!

When you learn to use your voice in the kitchen

With the servants and the minstrel and the bard

Then you learn the truth your friends know in the kitchen:

The voice that speaks the truth can travel far

The voice that speaks the truth will travel far