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The Wizardium is a school for those seeking training as a wizard.


The Wizardium is located in the Omnimont Mountains.

Facilities and Grounds


The Everydoor

The Everydoor is a single door that leads into every room of rhe Wizardium, based on the user’s need and their level within the community. The few non-Wizards who enter the Everydoor find themselves directed to the Atrium. Students are restricted from accessing some areas of the Wizardium, and Initiatives recieve even greater restrictions.


The Libraries

  • Initiates Library
  • Students Library

The Gates

Two large brass statues guard the entrance to the Wizardium. The statues are mostly for appearance; an invisible barrier prevents the entrance of non-Wizards. Unwanted guests who do manage to pass through the barrier find themselves up against the two giant statues, which transform into brass golems. The golems have the ability to speak in both forms, speaking to both intruders and those with legitimate business in calm, polite tones.

Levels of Training

White Robes

White robes are worn by Wizardium initiates, those who have not yet advanced beyond the first level of training. White robes are not permitted to refer to themselves as wizards.

Yellow Robes

Orange Robes

Red Robes

Blue Robes

Black Robes

Notable Faculty

Notable Graduates

  • Magnanimous
  • Omnipresent
  • Superfluous / Perf

Traditions of the Wizardium

Initiate Naming Conventions

Wizardium Initiates are awarded a name based on their abilities and the perceived success of their life.

Initiate Advancement Ceremony

Initiates face a trial in which they must successfully cast three spells, each from a separate school of magic. Success allows the Initiate to advance, changing their robes from white to a new level based on their degree of success. Failure results in a permanent assignment among the Wizardium staff, to avoid the secrets learned in training being revealed. Family and friends are encouraged to attend an Initiate’s Advancement Day.