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Westhaven is an old city in Fartherall located in central Eulom, east of Mudhollow Inne. A large temple of Therin stands in the town center. [1] It was at one point the capital of the human nation Lassax.[2]

During the Fifth Age

The order of events is uncertain:

  • The residents went wild after the constellation of Amalia, daughter of Therin and godling of delight, disappeared out of the sky.[1]
  • Mort Kemnon's priests, led by the death demon Drazuul the Fiend, killed everyone in the village except Willem the Peasant and filled the city with undead.[3]
  • Mikey the Cruel poisoned Westhaven's water, and Blairwolf the Noble human werewolf alchemist slew him and purified the waters.[2]


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