Wandering Ronin Clan

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The Wandering Ronin Clan (Tamsulraikulz) c.b. Thomas Reiske

Quick! Check for a rose ring!

A mysterious clan of deadly duelists you can hire, or fight, but never ignore.

Possibly hailing from the Austral continent, these nomads are extremely deadly swordsorcs. Other than occasionally mining for ore, the Wandering Ronins will either will show up outside a settlement and allow its residents to either hire them as mercenaries, or duel them for the settlement's good.

These orcs wield the elvish crescent sword (katana) with deadly precision, and anyone who cannot wield a blade is either a child or pathetic. Dueling does not have to be to the death, but blood is required. Any victory, even underhanded, counts. Any orc (or half orc) who can duel may duel to join the clan. The challenger is in upon a win or draw against a current member.

Note: they hate the ocean.

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