Walkers of the Woods and Sky

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Walkers of the Woods and Sky (Voltulz Quebelurru ek Rechar) c.b. Roy Kubicek and Jim Wrench

This kid definitely licked all those apples.

Considered outcasts by their own kind, the Walkers of the Woods and Sky seek spiritual and physical renewal in the wild places of the world.

This clan of Rangers and Druids hid, camouflaged, and remained in the nearby woods during the Red Exodus. Their Rangers have no equal among orcdom. The clan is led by a prime druid and head ranger, chosen via meritocracy.

Clan youth must choose their path, druid or ranger, and undergo the trial. Rangers must live for three-to-six months on the wilderness, while druids must shapeshift into an animal for one month per animal. Some youth die during the trials, seen as part of nature's cycle.

The Walkers of the Woods and Sky do accept outsiders into the clan if the outsiders are willing to accept the way of the clan. Even gadzork, except dwarves, whose nature is too destructive and takes advantage of nature. Walkers can get along with elves, provided the elves are not too too snooty.

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