Void Jumpers

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Void Jumpers is an actual-play TTRPG stream from the ZOE team using Monster of the Week, Powered by the Apocalypse.

"Follow the cast on an epic journey...in SPACE!"[1] Along the way, they discover strange, new worlds, "where even the most innocuous locals have teeth and a hunger, and a strange darkness hovers around the core of it all."[2] "As the crew reaches what passes for civilization, they find unexpected dangers and equally unexpected allies. And, of course, they become Well Traveled."[3] Void Jumpers...prepare for the jump!


  • Jesse Lee Keeter as the GM
  • Lisa Coronado as Bryn Cosaint
  • Trin Miller as Rex Leonine
  • Conner Marx as Tag the Parallel
  • Brian Lewis as Dr. Baxter Brautigan

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