The Metapocalypse

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A gentlewoman's gentleman, Griffy is a proper English gentleman. Manservant to Lt. Marjorie Saintcloud, avatar of Wyatt Maxwell.

Rebecca Santiago

An adventurer and an ingenious survival expert. Rebecca knows no fear and relishes the challenges that face her. Avatar of Aquamarine.

Dr Sandra Crain

A woman of science, Dr. Crain is a naturalist. Her curiosity has gotten the better of her desire to not be killed by strange creatures and she is now taking part in what appears to be an adventure. Avatar of Jenika.

Lieutenant Marjorie Saintcloud

Te leader of the expedition and a woman of many tales. Adventurer extraordinaire! Avatar of Maddox McPhernon.

Talon Broadsword

Genetically modified super solider with martial art skills, deadly knives, and a French accent. Avatar of Crash Jaxun.

Rex Patriot

Genetically modified super soldier with a mini gun and plenty of lemons. Avatar of Robert Munson.

Chimera Blaze

Genetically modified super solider with medical knowledge and a plasma canon to back it up. Avatar of Rosie Harvin.

Valkyrie Storm

Genetically modified super soldier and leader of this mission, she carries the Hammer of the Gods and uses it well. Avatar of Andi Jaymes.

Cicero T'Squaii

Atlantean noble and battle leader, not super impressed with the human delegation he has had to be dealing with from Sentinel City. Avatar of Thomas