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Player Lisa Coronado


It is unknown if Tessa Wallace is or ever was an employee of The Program. She currently is working for The Founders who are working in opposition to The Program. The Founders possess their own metapods and are able to send her into the same metaverse as the other pilots despite not being in the same physical location.

She was first seen attempting to help retrieve Nick Krieger from his avatar after discovering that rum was part of the solution, but disappeared abruptly.

She appeared again a few months later, when the team were sent to a world of space princesses. The Founders contacted her outside the program facility, and drew her to the back of a truck. There, she was told she would be inserted into the team in place of its designated leader, and her duty was to masquerade as the rightful team leader and gain the team's trust. A metapod had been installed in the back of a truck, which she used to follow these directions.

To date, Tessa has indicated that she has two goals, both unknown to the primary team. The first is a quest for her father and her husband, both of whom have disappeared into the metaverse. The second is to seek the whereabouts of an unidentified group of children that are very important to her and The Founders.

She is also the younger sister of Crash Jaxun. Her true name is unknown as Tessa Wallace is a fake name, aka her Founder's Name.

Helping by Paxamo


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