TGTS Episode 00.04

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Magellan uses a scry spell to attempt to find Rogar. In a wooded area, a drunk Rogar stumbles upon what he believes to be a battle in progress. In reality they are LARPers in a city park, but he challenges them to battle. Megan accepts his challenge and nearly defeats him after a vigorous fight. A humiliated Rogar charges the group and they call the police.

The professor sends Nimble to bail Rogar out of jail, and they share a meal while Nimble explains the customs of this world and invites Rogar to join a new quest.


Featured Cast

Megan – Anna Clausen, the gamemaster

Zach – Jay Irwin, Rogar's player

Charlie – Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Newmoon's player

Jamie – Khanh Doan, Magellan's player

Brad – Brandon Simmons, Nimble's player

Plus a special appearance from Russell Hodgkinson (Z-NATION) as The Professor.

Nathan Rice (Newmoon)

Justin McGregor (Magellan)

Phil M Price (Nimble)

Matt Shimkus (Rogar)

Behind the Scenes

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