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In the world of Strowlers, Magic is as highly debated as theological doctrine, which makes definitive statements about its nature difficult.

In the modern world, mainstream thought has settled on the following: "Magic is a branch of the sciences, with effects that are predictable, repeatable, and no different than physics, biology, or chemistry." Within that frame of reference magic is referred to as Psychodynamics and its study is known as Arcanology. "Magic" as a word and concept is considered antiquated and is not used seriously, although pop-culture often uses "magic" as an element within fiction. Historians may also refer to "magic" when discussing the beliefs that were common prior to the Scientific Revolution.

Outside of the mainstream, magic becomes far more complex a concept.

Non-canon Content

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Magic is weird and I want to talk about puppies. It's irrelevant, but important to me, because puppies are magic!

Here's some more text about the world's cutest puppies.

Another fan should jump in and make this more relevant so the Strowlers team sees its worth and makes it canon!

Cats are also magic. They are soft and warm and know good hearts when well-met.

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