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Arcanology is the academic study of the fundamental forces that shape reality. This discipline grew out of the study of alchemy, but it has more in common with quantum physics than the search for the philosopher’s stone. Individuals with arcanological ability are said to have Talent. In most modern societies the talented are a class of individual subject to greater government regulation than those without arcanological abilities. Most countries maintain some type of register of known Talents and employ some method of ensuring the talented do not endanger their fellow citizens with their abilities. These methods range from mechanical suppression devices, most commonly a magic suppression collar, to various medical procedures most commonly a form of cranial spectrum-field therapy called focusing In the United States an official Arcanologist is a federally licensed Talent who has completed their degree and taken the AACT (Arcanological Application Competency Test), the arcanological equivalent of a bar exam. Upon passing this exam the Talent undergoes focusing, after which they are no longer required to wear a suppression collar and are granted full use of their arcanological abilities within government regulations.

The field is divided into theoretical and practical arcanology.

Theoretical Arcanologists work in the Universities pushing the boundaries of the field of psychodynamics. Depending on their educational track and level of ability, theoretical arcanologists may not be fully focused and may instead have their abilities monitored and controlled by the use of a Collar, a device that uses a combination of technology and psychodynamic power to control unfocused talent. Some theoretical arcanologists have no arcanological abilities at all: these individuals often find themselves in administration and management positions, as they are considered less risky for leadership roles than those with Talent.

In the United States, Practical Arcanologists, also often called Field Arcanologists, are fully focused Talents who act as policy makers and government agents working with ARC (Anomaly Response Corps) to control unlicensed Talents. They also consult in the private sector with companies that want to use psychodynamic discoveries in innovative new technologies. The duties of Practical Arcanologists in other countries vary depending on the policies of those governments regarding arcanology and the structure of the governments themselves.

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