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Sprigs are the uncommon offspring of humans and gnomes. Most often, they are born to human mothers, though sprigs born to gnomish females aren’t unheard of, and aren’t likely to kill the mother during delivery. They combine a human’s adaptability with a gnome’s love of freedom, sense of justice, and communion with the outdoors.

Physical Description

Sprigs are about the height of dwarves, between four and a half and five feet, but seldom weigh over a hundred pounds. Long and lean, they resemble very short half elves with spiky hair and occasionally oddly tinted skin.


Seldom does a sprig grow up in any society other than a gnomish one. Stories of gnome baby-stealers abound in human frontier settlements. Gnome clutches accept sprigs without hesitation and raise them as their own, which can be tricky; sprigs are fifty percent larger than most of their gnomish kin, and are too large for most of their mounts. They hold a special place in clutches and often serve as ambassadors and scouts into human villages, as they can pass for human with minimal disguise.


The relations of sprigs are pretty much the same as those of gnomes, but with one major exception. Sprigs feel terribly sorry for half-elves, because the elves don’t accept them as full members of their society, unlike the gnomes.

Alignment and Religion

Sprigs follow the alignment and religion of their clutches.

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