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What Is Sparkle Sister Stories?

An RPG set in the world of Magical Space Princesses and Galaxy Force Five, this is a Tale From The Metaverse. Think avatars without pilots, explore new stories and worlds first introduced in Masters Of The Metaverse. And it's all canon...


Elliana, Magical Space Princess Fabulon

The perkiest and girliest of the Magical Space Princesses, Elliana will still use the power of the Sun to burn the eyes out of her enemies. Her weapon of choice is the solar glaive and her spirit animal is the Phoenix. Sister to Zelenia.

Kimber, Magical Space Princess Castoff

The Keeper Of History, after much paperwork she managed to change the name of her nebula from The Garbage Nebula to The Castoff Nebula. With knowledge of all things past and lost, Kimber might be able to locate just about anything...even a talking turkey leg.

Dashel, Magical Space Prince Thunderdome

A member of the audience during the epic Battle Of The Bands, Dashel was inspired but Galaxy Force Five to become the second Space Prince ever. With the power of rock n'roll, Dashel is ready to make his mark...and to one day become friends with Chad.

Sparkle Sisters Episode 2:
Dashel gave up his powers of Rock N' Roll in order to safely remove Chad's keepstone from the core of Planet Monday in the Castoff Nebula. As a result the Talisman of Leadership bound itself to him in the form of a magical guitar strap.

King Rako, The Last Prince Of Thraxia

The wandering monarch of a world destroyed in an epic duel. He throws a mean punch but never will, having devoted himself to a life of pacifism.

Junior Steve, Second To Last Prince Of Thraxia/Warlord In Training

Cousin to King Rako, Junior Steve has the power of slapping at his disposal. Sworn to duel Rako to the death should he ever meet him, Junior Steve might just be more than meets the eye...


Episode One, Magical Space Princess Galaxy Force 5: The Garbage Princess - Two years after the events of Battle Of The Bands, Ricci, Magical Space Princess Dynamax has invited several other Space Princesses (and Princes) to take part in a combination cruise and speaking tour. When Ricci is suddenly called away to an emergency in the Burgertown, Inc. Nebula, it's up to the remaining Magical Space Princesses to find out if her Uncle Fedoron is as evil as all other uncles...

Episode Two, Magical Space Princess Galaxy Force 5: The Garbage Princess Part Two - Taking stock after the confrontation with Fedoron, the Space Princesses (and Prince) must travel to the Castoff Nebula to continue to search for the missing Brad. Along the way they meet a mysterious Thraxian and learn shocking truths about Chad.