Sneering Ravens

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The Sneering Ravens (Drukaionrabidz), c.b. David C. Rennie

Their zombies are for sure throwing confetti everywhere.

An internally divided yet unified clan of magicians, with sects that oppose and balance one another.

This magic-based clan is divided internally between shamans and necromancers. Previously two clans about to go to war, a raven appeared during a parley of their leaders, and the two clans combined. They view themselves as two sides of the same coin: life and death.

In the Afterlands between the polar north and midland forests, each side of these two sects view the other as cousins. They are ruled by a council of five, two necromancers, two shamans, and one tie-breaking warrior.

Members of each sect are prevented from intermating. Therefore, villages of the other sect are sometimes raided for mates.

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