Slayers of Harmless Things

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The Slayers of Harmless Things (Shaggulz Kitsurru Drurru), c.b. Daniel Burke

She's wearing a crop top.

A clan of misfits who adopted cultivation practices out of necessity, the Slayers of Harmless Things offer the other clans support in the form of food, crafts, and intelligence.

This clan relies on crops and fish and farming in the Southern Afterlands to maintain themselves. The Slayers of Harmless Things were named such by warlike clans doing business with them and benefiting from their clans. This clan relies on nearby clans to bolster their defenses, paying tribute to those clans in the form of goods, vegetables, etc. Many Slayers are utilized by other clans as scouts or spies.

The artichoke is used for celebratory rituals, and is not offered to outsiders. Slayers do not use facial scarring, but have been known to apply camouflage paint.

The Slayers of Harmless Things has no active patron, but to gain clout, orcs can offer to teach other orcs a skill, without expecting anything in return. Slayer lands extend past the southern border of the Afterlands, causing anxiety in the humans and drawing mining sabotage from the dwarves.

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