Skin Setters

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The Skin Setters (Haeadliadz), c.b. Courtney "Killpurakat" Rayle

"That's not your color" are fighting words here.

A clan of artisans and clothiers dedicated to their crafts.

The ancestors of the Skin Setters created clothes for rich dwarven owners. They hid during the Red Exodus, and upon reaching the surface, marveled at the quality and variety of the materials. The Skin Setters are perpetually improving their craft, and while they will work with humans or elves to do so, they will not share their secrets.

Upon reaching maturity, Skin Setters will pierce five studs in their ear, to be replaced with meaningful symbols once a craft is mastered. Skin Setters often marry into other tribes, but to be a true Skin Setter, the clan requires that one is both related by blood and has can perform at least three of six crafts (skinning animals, cure and tan hides, dye, weave, sew or knit).

The Skin setters are mostly peaceful unless their craftsmanship is insulted. Upon insult, these artisans have been known to whip up a murder frenzy, skin the insulter, and make crafts from the pieces.

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