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Sheriff Jake Dallas

An ex-military man with a dark past, Sheriff Dallas is now the law in his small town. He has also resigned himself to most likely being the straight man in this particular action movie.

Austin Stephens

Seventeen years old, full of angst and movie trivia, Austin is just trying to get the bullies off his back when things take a decided turn for the weird. Step-brother to Elizabeth, he used to work at the local video store but now...not so much. Appears to have been taken over by Helldealer.

Elizabeth Stephens

After her Dad left, and was later killed under mysterious circumstances, Liz and Austin were left with their Mom in a small, rural town. With an affinity for Toys R Us, karate, and books, Liz is not a twelve year old to under estimate. Appears to have been taken over by Cop Boxer.

Alex Carter

A sixteen year old who is well liked by all, Alex hopes to maybe be more than just the best friend. After attempting to keep Austin on the straight and narrow, Alex was swept up in an adventure straight out of the movies. Appears to have been taken over by Princess Barbaria of Barbaria.

BFFs by Paxamo


Also known as One Eyed Jack, Helldealer is a demonic being posing as a chard sharp. So long as you don't pick a card, you're fine. But if you do...beware the wrath of Helldealer.

Cop Boxer

He's a cop. He's a boxer. He's Cop Boxer. There's no crime he can't punch, no criminal he can't...punch. He punches stuff. And he's a cop.

Princess Barbaria of Barbaria

Part live action, part anime, all Barbaria. Princess Barbaria of Barbaria stands for truth, justice, love, friendship, and overthrowing oppression. She just doesn't understand...well, pretty much anything that isn't a weapon.