Scott Thompson

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Player: Ben Dobyns


Scott is a professor of science...all the sciences. Deathly allergic to practically everything, and quite averse to physical combat, it isn't clear why he joined The Founders. He is however, very adept at mansplaining. Scott was part of the group, along with Nick, Rosie, and Aquamarine, who entered the 80s Invasion Metaverse.

Spoilers, Episode 29:

While in the 80s Invasion Metaverse, Scott showed a general disregard for the safety of his avatars, often stating that it didn't matter if they lived or died as none of this was real. He then attempted to betray the team to the alien invaders by offering them a chance to take over many other worlds via the Metapilot Program. The aliens responded by sucking Scott's mind out of his avatar and sending it into a limbo state. His avatar, Christine, was then killed by team member John Stone. Scott's current status and whereabout is unknown...but it certainly isn't good.


80s Invasion, Multiple