Rosie Harvin

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Player: Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe


Rosie Harvin is a veteran rodeo star publicly known as Rosie the Wrangler. Initially well received on the rodeo circuit, her numbers began to decline over time, and her employers decided to exercise their rights to turn over her contract to the organization running the Metapod Project. Under contractual obligation, Rosie was labelled a volunteer and joined the project.

She has strong moral objections to what the meta pilot program is doing to innocent people and fights The Program at every opportunity.


Earth 06618 (Sentinel City): Hex Destiny
Kingdom of Yosemite: Annie Oakley
Magical Space Princess Galaxy Force 5: Zelenia, Magical Space Princess Burgertown, Inc.
80s Invasion: Multiple
Return To Fartherall: Sister Opal
Sequelibirum: Elizabeth Stephens/Cop Puncher
The Iron Fae Realm: The Wayfarer
Sentinel Noir: The Nose
The Metapocalypse: Chimera Blaze
Meta-End: Tricia Adisev
Planet Metaverse: Invasion: P'reta


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